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Yum Mum Gourmet Organic Baby Food

Food for Thought

Ladies who launch make a fresh start

30th October 2007

Once foods were natural, with no additives and no packaging, and mothers had time to prepare fresh meals for the family. Today's children's food market is saturated with convenience foods. Now a small but growing number of mums is putting the goodness back into children's food - while making a crust.

Nici Andronicus is the mother of five children aged 16 months...

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Mothers of invention

24th October 2007

With no business experience and three children, Amanda Murphy started Yum Mum two years ago.

"I knew I wanted to have a home business so I could be with my children and it wasn't until I fed my nine-month-old son Oliver a jar of baby food for the first time and he spat it out and then scraped it off his...

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4th July 2007

Yum Mum is safe and delicious.Yum Mum is safe and delicious. There have been recent reports in the media about the dangers of consumption of chilled and frozen foods. This specifically relates to the research conducted by Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal Children's Hospital.

These experts have found that a bacteria called Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis is present in the digestive system in about half of newly diagnosed cases of Crohn's disease and...

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