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Yum Mum Gourmet Organic Baby Food

Yum Mum feeds superior nutrients to your growing child!

It's Certified Organic.

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What's in this stuff?

At Yum Mum, we believe children's taste buds need to be developed from an early age. Offering a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and grains exposes children to the wonderful world of colour and texture. Children are very tactile; they love to feel and touch there food, so allowing them to explore their food is important in their development and love of eating. Introducing them to a range of different foods early on will lessen the chances of a fussy eater.

Yum Mum has specifically chosen certified organic nutritious ingredients that assist in creating strong, healthy immune systems, which is the key to a healthier child. A healthy immune system protects and helps fight against illnesses such as the common cold and cough, to major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

It is incredible to realize that when we feed our bodies we are not just filling bellies to keep hunger at bay; we are also fuelling our bodies. We can choose foods which can help fight against infection. You may have heard how good chicken soup is for you when you have a cold D that's because the ingredients in chicken soup work to help heal the body.


Children need a variety of vitamins and minerals for optimum health, some are listed below. You'll find these essential nutrients in Yum Mum meals.

Vitamin A/ beta-carotene

This vitamin is essential for healthy growth, skin and teeth. It protects against infections and is a powerful antioxidant. So it helps prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer. You find it in pumpkin, carrots, squash, apricots, red peppers, tomatoes, oily fish and dairy produce such as whole milk, butter, eggs.

Apricots - We have used organic naturally dried apricots which are not treated with sulphur, responsible for allergic reactions. Apricots also contain iron, potassium.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is great for building a strong immune system, healthy heart, preventing cancers and heart disease later in life. It has excellent wound healing properties, antioxidant and antibacterial. You can find it in pumpkin, citrus fruits, sweet potato, potatoes, capsicum, broccoli, leafy vegetables, spinach and parsley.

Did you know weight for weight capsicum contains more Vitamin C than oranges?

Vitamin B1

This vitamin aids metabolism and is required for energy production, heart function and helps children concentrate. It also assists growth and development. Some foods which contain this vitamin are whole-wheat flour, good cereals and breads, oats and legumes.

There are many of B group vitamins which are also very important growth and development. Such as B2 found in spinach, B5 found in chicken, etc.

Did you know Ginger is a warming herb which assists in expelling mucous, and has expectorant and decongestant qualities. Vitamin B, zinc and magnesium.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is important growth, digestion and nerves and for forming red blood cells. Children also need enough B12 in their diet to ensure they absorb iron. It is found in red meat -beef, fish, eggs, dairy produce. For vegetarians you can also find it in seaweed and spirulina.

Folic acid

It is a very important vitamin in preventing neural defects in pregnancy. However it is also good for the immune system, energy production, growth of healthy nerve and preventing anaemia. Found in green leafy vegetables, spinach, eggs, carrots, apricots, pumpkins, melon and whole-wheat.

Mineral - Iron

Iron is important in growth and development and is essential in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and for production of white blood cells and antibodies. Some foods containing iron are, lean red meat, egg yolks, peaches, apricots, bananas, spinach, coriander, broccoli, wholegrains and brown rice.


Calcium is essential in building healthy bones, teeth and heart health. It also helps children's muscles work properly. You find it in dairy produce, some fish, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, apricots and soya products.


This helps the body build antibodies, growth and development of bones, assists with muscle work and nervous system. It also helps the body to deal with stress and generate energy. It's found in broccoli, cabbage, dried fruits, citrus fruits, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, onions, potatoes and sweetcorn.

Did you know garlic contains antiviral and antibacterial properties?


Is needed for growth, wound healing and regeneration of white blood cells. It is also important in good brain function, assists moods and the nervous systems. Zinc is found in poultry, fish, lean red meats, wholegrains, eggs, berries, dairy produce such as yoghurt.



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