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Yum Mum Gourmet Organic Baby Food

Testimonials / Feedback

Below is some of the wonderful feedback we have received. We value your comments and if you would like to send us your feedback please contact us , thanks!


We are very happy with the meals......

Thank you we have received the Yum Mum Meals.
We are very happy with them.
We have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy who is thirteen, Briana. Briana is tube fed.
We are extremely fussy with her food and are strong supporters of all things certified organic. I always cook Briana's meals myself with organics, so am pleased to find something like Yum Mum that offers me quality, organics and can save some time.
So thank you for providing a great service to people like us! We definitely will be ordering more.

Cheers and kind regards, Niki Condon



Yum Mum perfect to take on holidays!!

Hi Amanda

My sister has a 4 year old and an 18 month old (she is very much a foodie), anyway, they were going camping for 3 weeks, so I gave her one of each of your meals to try. She rang me last night to say that both kids had the tuscan bolognese, and they woofed it down. She said she will definitely be ordering that whenever they go away! Kaz



It smelt and tasted so yummy......

I ended up buying 2 of each flavour. I wasn't going to waste the trip! I try to make his food but dinnertime often gets so hectic that it's easier to open some prepared food...but I *really* don't like the tinned/jar food (plus I really like the fact it's organic). So I figured I'd try them out & put them in the freezer for when I needed them. His response was very enthusiastic & the pilaf smelt (& tasted) so yummy that we'll definitely be using them regularly. Amy



Mothers Group taste testers.....

The mothers from my Mothers Group were very happy with your product and look forward to it being more readily available-me too! Thank you for using us as taste testers! Briohny



My son wolfed it down......

I just wanted to let you know I think your product is wonderful. I bought some yesterday & my son (8 months) wolfed it down...I even had to restrain my 11 year old from trying some! She thought the pilaf smelt divine.
Thanks again for a wonderful product,



THANK-YOU very much

THANK-YOU very much for your extremely generous gift. I was surprised enough to find out that I had won, but even more taken back by the amount. Thank you.

I have sent on your website to my friends and mum's group, so I hope that it might generate some more business for you. I do know my girlfriend who brought products at your stand was very impressed and I'm sure will be in contact to order more.

Kirsten x



I bought some for me to snack on

I am 6 months pregnant and was introduced to your range by a demonstrator at the new Macro in Richmond. I now can't wait for my child to reach 9 months to start using Yum Mum (although I must admit I thought it was so good I bought some for me to snack on now).

A great idea as I will be one of those time poor mums that will be quite focused on providing my child with good nutrition as well as variety of taste experiences.

Just wanted to wish you HUGE success with your fabulous new brand. I will be a supporter and you will get my word of mouth recommendation starting today. Best Regards, Carolyn



fantastic she loves them

I have been buying 2 or 3 dishes a week scince I read your article in the Sun magazine. My daughter Mia loves her food, & these have been fantastic she loves them. I'm happy to know that she can eat nutritious food that I haven't cooked.
(& its great for her dad to feed her when I'm at work)




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