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Yum Mum Gourmet Organic Baby Food

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February 2008 / Issue 3

Yum Mum Joins Tasmanian Pure Foods

11th January 2011

After supporting Yum Mum certified organic foods for babies over the last couple of years, Bellamys Organic is pleased to announce that Yum Mum has joined the Tasmanian Pure Foods group as a subsidiary of Bellamys Organic.

Bellamys Organic is excited by the addition of these products to our own range of fully certified organic childrenís foods. We are continuing to further develop the ideas and recipes created by Amanda Murphy; Mum, Founder and Director of Yum Mum.

A whole new world of ready to serve Yum meals begins for us and for you!

In the meantime the entire Yum Mum range is available at Bellamys Organic in our secure online store. Just click through from the Yum Mum website or visit Bellamys Organic directly on

If you have any queries regarding this exciting development in our business then please call us directly on 03 6331 1383 and we will be happy to tell you more.

Thank you to Yum Mum for sharing our passion in developing wholesome healthy nutrition for our children, and what a fabulous beginning to 2011!




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